Weekly Fan Feature: Chapter 7

Hey, Renegades! This week's Styx Featured Fan Story asked for something you couldn't create so easily: a Styx doppelganger. There were some pretty interesting attempts to get that Tommy hairdo (you guys are nuts!) and a few of you could pass to be related from distant relatives. There was one guy in particular that looked pretty close to one of us, despite having blue/gray eyes (the comparative eye color is brown).

So, this week, we congratulate Adam Burnham, Chuck Panozzo's Renegadial doppelganger! Adam mentioned "Zoom in on my face and tell me I don't look like Chuck from the Pieces of Eight album!" Indeed, Adam, and considering today is the 39th birthday of Pieces of Eight, it seems ironically fitting.

Thanks, once again, to all of you who made your best attempts to win. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!