The New Styx Album Is Out Of This World!

By: Mark Strickland -

“The Mission,” is a return to the classic Styx sound that also takes the band and their audience a giant leap in a new direction.  If you like science-fiction and rock music, then this could be the soundtrack to your travels wherever they may take you.   

We’re not sure if NASA’s New Horizons project named a newly discovered fifth moon around Pluto...

Weekly Featured Fan Story: Chapter 4

This week's featured fan story goes to... Paula Page Eicher! You know, you guys just keep coming up with some awesome stories and it's really difficult to choose just one. Some are funny, some are naughty and hilarious (shame on you naughty ones!) and some are heartfelt. What's especially cool about Paula's story is an old K-Mart cassette that is still intact and shows the voice of a little...

Men on a Mission: Styx Featured in New Issue of Progression Magazine

by Mike Mettler

Styx appears in Issue 72 of Progression Magazine to discuss the more progressive compositional aspects of the band's current, and quite brilliant, new studio album, The Mission. Says guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw, "It's been so long since we made a Styx album like the ones we did before, because so much has changed."

In a story written by yours truly, your faithful...

Weekly Featured Fan Story: Chapter 3

As usual, this week’s featured fan stories had a lot of great variations and many brought us back to days loooong gone by.  A few were pretty funny, like Carmen Robertson’s misheard lyrics (“Consuela, hey! Consuela, hey! Consuela, stay with me!”).  However, it was Trevor Kindree’s video of his daughter singing “Too Much Time on My Hands” that had us rolling. Start ‘em young, Trevor! ...

Welcome back to the STYX LIST!

With this update; we’re exploring The Blues! Perhaps the very bedrock of Rock ’N Roll, no doubt these songs will continue to inspire and influence Rock ’N Roll music for the ages.

You don’t have to have the blues to enjoy these great songs by these legendary artists. 

Read more about this STYX LIST Installment here:

Tommy Shaw on B.B. King: "Listening to B.B. King's "Sweet...


By Jeff Perlah -

For the past two years, the members of Styx have had Mars on their minds. Audiences might not have known it, but when the chart-topping rock/prog group changed the “walk-on” music at their concerts, to the instrumental piece “Overture,” they were thinking it would make a good leadoff track for The Mission, their first new studio album in 14 years.


Weekly Featured Fan Story: Chapter 2

This week’s featured story is from a young lady named Caitlyn McMorris. This story is particularly special in a few ways. First, Caitlyn made a post to her Facebook page of her beautiful arrangement of “The Greater Good.” Her sweet sounding piano playing, coupled with her angelic voice, got the attention of Will Evankovich, Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan! This also being her...

Weekly Featured Fan Story, Chapter 1

For the next several Wednesdays, we’ll be inviting you to tell us your best Styx story on our Facebook page. After reading through a lot of funny, moving, and very heartfelt stories, this week’s featured fan story comes from Lori Gardner Child. So many blessings go to Mike and his friend for having made it back safely, and we’re incredibly humbled that “Man in the Wilderness” helped...

United We Rock Resumes Tonight!

Leg 2 of the summer’s hottest tour gets underway tonight in Tampa, Florida. We check in with Styx, Don Felder, and REO Speedwagon to see how UWR has been going for them so far, and what fans can expect from the next round of shows.

by Mike Mettler

photo by Jason Powell

After a brief 2-week break, United We Rock returns! Leg 2 of the summer’s hottest tour commences...

In Memory of John Panozzo, 1948-1996

Remembering the always upbeat founding Styx drummer, who passed away 21 years ago today on July 16, 1996.

by Mike Mettler

photo courtesy Jim Cahill

Drummer John Panozzo was a force of nature, as anyone who knew him personally or saw him play live can readily attest. He laid the foundation on every Styx album right up through 1990’s Edge of the Century, and he was...