Ladies Grab Bag Tee

Ladies Grab Bag Tee

Time for us to clear off the shelves of older T-shirt styles...which gives you a chance to snag a killer officially-licensed Styx T-shirt at a great price! Get an official Styx fitted ladies tee in your choice of size for only $12!

Here's the Deal:

1) You Select the size (they will tend to run smaller, so order accordingly)

2) We Select the style

That's it. You are guaranteed an officially licensed Styx product. This offer is only good while our supply of shirts lasts - we are starting with a lot of inventory, but they will run out VERY quickly. Grab yours right now! We do not control which shirt you will receive when you order, and cannot guarantee that you won't receive the same style twice. Because of the unique quality of this sale, no returns or exchanges will be accepted.


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