MUNCIE – For a Scottish vocalist and keyboard player who makes his home in Canada, Lawrence Gowan is pretty familiar with the rock music capitals of the Midwest.

"We've done Chicago, Evansville, the Quad Cities, all over Ohio and Indiana," Gowan said in a phone interview with The Star Press last week. "It's a Midwest-birthed band."

The band is Styx, born in Chicago in 1972 and notable for a string of hits that have been in constant rotation on home record players, radio station turntables and MTV (at least back in the day, when MTV played music) for decades.

Gowan has been, since 1999, a lead vocalist and keyboard player for the band, which saw a divisive split between the hard-rockin' "Renegade" roots of Tommy Shaw, James "J.Y." Young and bandmates and the "Mr. Roboto" operatic ideal of former lead singer Dennis DeYoung.

"What's kept the band going, we're the culmination of everybody who's been in the band," Gowan said. "Members I never met are integral into what the band is now."

The band will perform Friday, Feb. 13 at Emens Auditorium.

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Written By: Keith Roysdon