by Mike Mettler

photo by Jason Powell

Since 1999, Styx has averaged well over 100 shows a year uninterrupted, and there’s no signs of them slowing down anytime soon.

“To see a band that can do it live like Styx does — that really sets the standard for your expectations,” observes Styx keyboardist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan, who has played every single one of those aforementioned shows for the past 19 years (and counting). “And when younger people who have no nostalgic connection to the ’70s come see Styx, it validates their curiosity when they see it done on that level: ‘Oh wow — I’m seeing that music the way it was originally done. No wonder people were so turned on by it.’”

Palm Springs Life (that is, your Styxologist!) recently sat down with Gowan backstage before the final date of Styx’s successful United We Rock summer package tour with Don Felder and REO Speedwagon to discuss how the band’s setlist changes and expands for their longer headlining shows, why The Mission had such immediate impact with their fans, and how they continue to connect with a younger audience.

You can red the rest of the interview Lawrence and I did together on the Palm Springs Life web page.