On Sunday September 20th, hard rock fans at the Los Angeles Forum were transported back to a time when dueling guitar solos, great vocal harmonies, and big drums ruled the airwaves and arenas. With a billing that included Def Leppard, Styx and Tesla, this show would be a must see for any rocker!

Tesla opened the show with an electrifying set that featured Jeff Pierce’s piercing voice, backed by Frank Hannon and Dave Rude on electric, acoustic, and 12-string guitars, Brian Wheat on bass, and Tony Luccketta on drums. Tesla performed their power ballad “Love Song”, “Modern Day Cowboy”, “Little Suzi” and their version of the Five Man Electrical Band song “Signs”. Tesla delivered on a great rock show with plenty of songs that are still worthy of being on any rock playlist.

During the intermission, I was surprised how many millennials I noticed coming to see these great classic rock bands. I struck up a conversation with a man in his mid 20s who told me he had won tickets to the show. This was the first time he’d ever seen any of these bands. I assured him he would not be disappointed.

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