by Markos Papadatos - Digital Journal

Lawrence Gowan, lead singer and keyboard player from the rock band Styx, chatted with Digital Journal about their summer tour with Def Leppard and future plans.

Last month, they performed at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on Long Island, where they shared the stage with rock group Tesla and headlining act Def Leppard. "I love that venue," Gowan said. "I think we played there for our 10th time. That was the best night we ever played there: the weather was incredible and the crowd was spectacular. We have had so many downpours during our shows, but this was an absolutely beautiful night."

On opening for Def Leppard, he said, "We toured with them in the past, and we enjoy each other's company a lot. Personality-wise and humor-wise, both bands seem to click. As a bonus, we are playing for a lot of Def Leppard fans, and they are playing for a lot of Styx fans."

Regarding Styx' future plans Gowan said, "This tour goes on until October, and we have had one of the highest-grossing amphitheater tours this summer. Every night we played for a sold-out crowd. We have 75 more shows to go. We are loving this current mission that we are on. In November, we will be doing a tour in my country, Canada, and I am very much looking forward to that, of course. Then, we will be headed back in to the studio."

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