Interview By: Mark Schierholtx - ITN Magazine

Mark: You've had an incredible 18 year solo career, and this year marks your 18th year with Styx, that’s a pretty outstanding resume.

Lawrence: Yes, I have been very fortunate in this ever changing industry.

Mark: You have the new tour coming up, the United We Rock 2017 Summer Tour, with Styx, REO and Don Felder, that’s going to be pretty exciting.

Lawrence: Yeah, that’s kinda great, we are going to have between 40 and 50 shows for that, some shows have yet to be announced yet.

Mark: So, Styx is going to keep up with doing 100 shows for the year, yet again?

Lawrence: Yes, 100 shows will not be a problem this year, we did 101 shows last year

Mark: What makes the United We Rocks 2017 special, Styx has toured with REO for a long time?

Lawrence: There will be lots of special things along the way, of course, I can’t say what at this time, but, we have had a long history with REO, I think 5 years now, it’s pretty much a slam dunk when you put Styx and REO together, none of can figure it out, except the fact we both have strong shows, and it seems to draw a multitude of people, beyond what we would do individually, something about the combination, that works for people.

Mark: So, now you add Don Felder to the mix, another great musician.

Lawrence: We actually held off for a few years in doing it, just to see if there was still interest, and of course, when Tommy, Kevin and Don put out that video, the response was immediate to it.

People really want to see this again, and adding the Don Felder factor, is a way over the top bonus.