by: South Florida Insider

On Friday night fans were time warped back into the 80’s as Tesla, Styx and headliner Def Leppard performed an array of hits, although they did so with Def Leppard’s frontman Joe Elliot noticeably sick…but hey the SHOW MUST GO ON. Nonetheless, the crowd wasn’t swayed in the slightest and just had this eager energy to them all night.

To start the night’s festivities, Tesla with their driving rhythm and harmonic melodies set the tone for what was about to be blasted on our senses. Leading that charge were Jeff Keith’s screams and Troy Luccketta’s pounding drums. You couldn’t help, but feel nostalgic as big hair and leather pants were set to grow on your flesh once again.

However, the illusion was set as STYX graced the stage and began their set withGrand Illusion. With rotating pianos and theatrical lighting, their entire show was really entertaining and a glorious treat for all to see. Lawrence Gowan kept the energy alive with an over-the-top wardrobe and moves on stage that would make Justin Timberlake take a second look. But, if the age of true music wasn’t enough, we had the great opportunity to watch the legend and South Florida resident bassist Chuck Panozzo go off during Light It Up. It was pretty funny seeing a twist to modern time where cell phone lights lit up the arena instead of lighters. Still, even as the world has changed, the same harmonious venture seemed to resonate with the crowd all the same.

Later, as a tribute to the late David Bowie the band performed Life on Mars/Changes. Yet, even then the theatrics were far from over as the crowd erupted with what was believed to be the show’s closer, fan-favorite Come Sail Away. But, as any good band does, there’s always room for an encore and STYX provided that with two songs, Rockin’ in Paradise and Renegade before their journey was over.