By Matthew Dessem

In a world where most attempts to recreate the past are pretty half-assed, it’s a great relief to see someone put the work in. That’s just what Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd did on Friday night, when they aired a wonderful shot-for-shot remake of Styx’s 1981 music video for “Too Much Time on My Hands.” Every shot, every costume, every facial expression: It’s all here, everything we’ve all loved so dearly about the Styx video for “Too Much Time on My Hands” for more than three decades. If you somehow haven’t memorized the original video, hold on to your hat and press play...

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Come back to the News section in the days ahead for a Styxworld exclusive interview with Tommy Shaw, who shares his impressions of the Jimmy Fallon/Paul Rudd video ("I'm still kind of speechless!"), plus he tells us where that infamous jumpsuit came from!