A pair of buses from this summer’s Styx and Foreigner tour caught fire at a parking facility this afternoon (July 2) in Philadelphia. Luckily, no one was injured.

“Everyone’s OK,” Styx’s publicist tells Ultimate Classic Rock. “No one was hurt and there’s no cause determined yet. It’s a Styx crew bus that caught on fire. All the buses for the Soundtrack of Summer tour are parked in a secure parking lot in downtown Philadelphia.”

The fire began shortly after noon today, attracting a news helicopter from KYW-TV. The back of one bus was completely engulfed, and eventually a neighboring bus began to burn, as well. Video from KYW is embedded above, showing firefighters working to control the blaze. Smoke could be seen from nearby I-95, according to witnesses.

Styx and Foreigner, who are sharing Soundtrack of Summer tour dates this year with Eagles alum Don Felder, are scheduled to perform Thursday night in Camden, New Jersey. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Foreigner manager Phil Carson quipped, “we’re thankful everyone’s ok, and can now officially say the Soundtrack of Summer Tour is on fire.”