Returning to Mid-Michigan for another sold-out show, the legendary rock band came to entertain the masses on a wintery spring night.

by John Reasoner

For the first time since 2012, Styx arrived back at the Soaring Eagle Casino And Resort to perform a night of greatest hits to a standing room only crowd. Seats sold out months in advance. For the 1600+ people in attendance, each one knew the importance of the ticket they were holding as fans congregated outside the venue hoping to find an extra ticket or get a glimpse of the show from the front entrance.

As the band entered the stage and the lights lifted the darkness, the crowd also rose from their seats to the opening of “The Grand Illusion.” Fans danced at their seats and in the aisles, the crowd quickly joined Lawrence in the singing while Tommy, James, and Ricky played their guitars and traveled the stage side to side visiting with the crowd packed at the edge of the stage.

Tommy welcomed the crowd and thanked them all for coming out to the show and supporting the band for the past four and a half decades. He claimed that if the crowds didn’t show up, he would have “Too Much Time On My Hands.” The audience, still standing and singing, joined Tommy and James in clapping their hands to parts of the song.

Next, when Lawrence started playing his piano, the crowd instantly recognized the notes and cheered as he began serenading the first verse to “Lady.” The crowd sang along and lighters waved in the air as they swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the music. As the tempo picked back up, Tommy, James, and Ricky joined forces at center stage playing their guitars and throwing guitar picks out into the crowd while smiling and posing for photos. Lawrence, on his spinning piano, often turned around playing the piano backwards.

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