Like or not, "Renegade" became the fight song for the Steelers defense, putting Black and Gold fans in a special rung of the Styx fan club with such luminaries as Adam Sandler and Mr. Eric Cartman.

That means Styx playing in the shadow of Heinz Field, as it did Friday night at Stage AE, is likely a bigger deal than most stops on its spring tour. And rather than the 50-minute Styx sandwiched between a few other classic rock acts -- this summer it's Def Leppard and Tesla -- this two-and-a-half-hour "Evening With..." was Styx with too much time on their hands (if you only like the hits) and just the right amount, if you like a few deep cuts.

Styx made it known repeatedly that it likes Pittsburgh as much as Pittsburgh likes Styx.

"This is a fantastic spot on the planet Earth," singer Lawrence Gowan said, "between the Warhol Museum and the stadium."

Gowan is the guy who took Dennis DeYoung's job back in 1999, and ran with it. Although he continues to say he would love a reunion, it isn't happening any time soon for the former singer who is in the theaters looking like a symphony pops act doing "The Music of Styx." Gowan is a fine musician/singer and rousing entertainer, who's mastered the spinning keyboard. Whereas watching most rock keyboardists tends to be unexciting, you never know where's going to be with that thing, including on top of it.

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Photo courtesy of Scott Mervis/Post-Gazette