ARDMORE It was 1975 when a newcomer rock band hit the stage in Ardmore. Two DJ's, Michael Story and Joe Popkess planned and promoted the concert.

Tickets sold for five dollars or six at the door.

Styx played on August 12, 1975, at the Ardmore Civic Auditorium, now known as Heritage Hall.

And nearly 40 years later, they're back.

"Lady," by the rock band Styx had just hit the airwaves in Chicago when the band came to Ardmore for the first time.

Original promoter Joe Popkess has since left the business but his cousin Aubry Harris followed in his footsteps.

Harris says he is amazed that 39 years later people are still rocking out to Styx.

"Styx is definitely a classic rock band from the past that is still in the future as well,” Harris said. “I mean people love their hits and you know people keep remembering their hits and coming out."

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