That's what Styx lead singer/keyboardist Lawrence Gowan promised his band would be Saturday at The Great Frederick Fair. It would be the full Styx experience, he said, and fans would not leave disappointed.

There's one word he didn't mention that fit the bill just as well: Familial. As the crowd that gathered on the fair's final night proved, age is nothing but a number when it comes to the rockers' fan base.

Just ask Renee Thornton, of Frederick, who stood in line with her son Chandler for an exclusive meet-and-greet with the group before the show. She's liked the band since the 1970s, she said, and Saturday night marked the fifth time she's seen the band perform live.

Her favorite show? That would be the time she took her immediate family to Nashville, Tennessee, to see the group at the Wild Horse Saloon. She didn't mean to turn everybody into a series of serious Styx supporters. It just so happened that all of them, even her children, more or less found the band on their own.

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Photo By Bill Green