by Jonathan Turner - Dispatch Argus

photo by Jason Powell

The river of fame, fortune and happy fans for Styx -- in its fifth decade -- is flowing stronger than ever, according to bassist Ricky Phillips.

"The crowds have been really loud this summer, really well attended," he said in a recent interview. "Some people have seen their 200th show, their 40th show," he said, noting some rabid fans follow Styx for a few weeks on tour, for each show.

This summer, the band mostly has played outdoor shows, and the friendly, 61-year-old Iowa native is back in the Hawkeye State for tonight's 8 p.m. gig at the Mississippi Valley Fair, Davenport. Styx last played the Q-C at the iWireless Center in April 2013, on a bill with REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent.

The band prefers playing on its own (as opposed to a multiple bill), where they can play longer, Mr. Phillips said.

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