There is never a time when the Styx juggernaut isn’t forging ahead at breakneck speed to accomplish ever new and marvelous acts of musical grandeur. This year has barely even begun and already the band has an incredible set of adventures mapped out all the way into October! By the end of March, they will have wrapped up their current tour and appeared on AXS TV. And shortly after that, they will embark on their summer extravaganza with Def Leppard and Tesla. Yesterday, AXS had the privilege of speaking with the spectacular showman Lawrence Gowan (keyboards and vocals).

“We really are a constantly touring act, and we have been for the past 16 years that I’ve been in the band,” Lawrence acknowledged. “That was part of the mandate when I joined. As a band, Styx felt that it had under-toured in previous years and the members wanted to commit themselves to the new reality of the music world, which takes into account the fact that playing live has become of a far greater significance now then it ever has before. In the past, some bands could survive and almost never tour, but now, it is such a vital component of the whole experience that it has become central to our existence.”

Styx has a powerful and lasting magic that has kept the band both thrilling and relevant in a live setting for over four decades.

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By Allen Foster

Photo By Jason Powel