From Sinatra and Crosby to Timberlake and Bieber, golf has forever drawn some of the biggest names in music. Here are 100 of our favorite artists today who play as often as they can:

Compiling our Top 100 in Music, we wanted to include guitarists, bassists, pianists, saxophonists, drummers and vocalists across genres from jazz to country to heavy metal. We looked for golfers who would be fun to play with, most of them with little patience for the less-than-well-mannered in their industry who tend to dominate the tabloid headlines—but, yes, we included a few of them, too.

Although some are new to the game or struggle to find time to play, most pursue it avidly, often as an antidote to the noisy way they spend so many nights. "I prefer dead silence on the course," says Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose. Others voice a common refrain: "I play to get away from music." Touring gives musicians the opportunity to play some of the world's best courses, and a chance to get out of the spotlight. Not too many fans or paparazzi, we're told, are looking for a heavy-metal rocker on a fairway.

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