This week’s featured story is from a young lady named Caitlyn McMorris. This story is particularly special in a few ways. First, Caitlyn made a post to her Facebook page of her beautiful arrangement of “The Greater Good.” Her sweet sounding piano playing, coupled with her angelic voice, got the attention of Will Evankovich, Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan! This also being her first piano cover, we knew her talent was something that needed to be seen. One of our most loyal fans suggested that Caitlyn share her video on our featured story post yesterday. And, man, this second week was difficult because there were some incredibly heartfelt and interesting stories to choose from. However, Caitlyn’s was one we just couldn’t overlook. With that said, Caitlyn… we wish you the absolute best success in your journey through music, which can be both exceptionally challenging and exceptionally rewarding at times. While talent is important, a positive attitude and perseverance are equally as important, and it’s clear you have all 3, girl. Rock on and don’t stop your Mission, Caitlyn McMorris!!!

Here’s Caitlyn’s story:

“I have been a Styx fanatic my whole life and I will see them a 5th time this Saturday. As a singer, a guitarist, and a pianist, the band has impacted my life in so many ways. I look up to them and one day hope to be like them. The other day, I posted a cover of "The Greater Good" from the new Styx album "The Mission." I had immediately fallen in love with the song and knew that I had to do a cover of it! Not long after I posted it, Will Evankovich liked it and commented that it sounded great and to keep up the good work. A little while later, Tommy Shaw also liked my video and said it sounded nice and thanked me for sharing it! And after that,Lawrence Gowan commented, telling me that it was a beautiful rendition that stood well on its own, and congratulated me. Seeing my role models liking my covers and giving me feedback is a dream come true and I will never be able to thank them enough for it.”

Watch Caitlyn's cover of "The Greater Good" HERE.