Hey, Renegades! Once again, thanks for putting so many great efforts forth in sharing your Styx story. This week was designed to have a little fun with ourselves and our fans to try and come up with a funny / weird / unique Styx-related photo that you don't see very often. We're serious when we say we wanted to give just about all of you the winning chalice! Tommy in his Daisy Dukes (Nancy Clark)... Lawrence doing his best Crane Style Karate (Angie Lambert)... Tiana Schmid pointing to Tommy cross-eyed / gone lunatic... the Tommy pillow case (Valerie Brown Dewitz)... Ricky's rocker tank top (Sheila Zimmerman)... Tyrone Sales' bootleg Grand Illusion insert... all awesome!

The one that was funny, weird, and VERY unique... so much so that we couldn't find anything remotely close anywhere... was by Cindy Simonelli, taken in 2009 in West Palm Beach, of our resident Joker himself, Mr. Larry Gowan. The look on his face, paired with JY looking away (possibly trying to keep some semblance of composure), was priceless! In fact, they both have the *identical* facial expressions... it's like a bizarre mirror image. Too funny.

So, CONGRATULATIONS, Cindy Simonelli, for winning this week's Featured Fan Story!!!