Hey, Renegades! In this week's Styx Featured Fan Story, we asked you to post your best Styx-related artwork. WOW, are there some incredibly talented artists out there in Styxworld! We don't want to leave anyone out because the competition was TOUGH, so let's just say you all did an incredible job this week with your submissions and we really appreciate your passionate participation!

 You know this is all about finding that amazing share that's also the most unique of the bunch. One in particular unequivocally got that vote: Illia St. Onge's "'SuperStyx League' - a 'Superhero' version of you guys - drawn individually on paper, then composited and lined/coloured in my phone in about 12 hours total." Several fans commented about wanting a tee shirt or poster, so you might have a new Styx-related side business, Illia!

 With that said, CONGRATULATIONS to the very talented Illia St. Onge and her "SuperStyx League" drawing! We're proud to be your superheroes and **please know** that, even though you are our featured hero this week, all of you and the love you continually give us are OUR heroes. Have a great weekend!!