by Mike Mettler

photo by Jason Powell

Music Aficionado asked me to write an essay titled "Why I Love Styx (and You Should Too)," and I was quite honored to oblige.

Here's a taste of how the essay starts...

"They're one of the best-kept secrets in rock, even though you could say they've been hiding in plain sight since 1972. They're the first band to have tallied four multi-platinum albums in a row. They boast three lead singers, and all — underscore all — of their songs continue to be performed in their original keys.

"Many of their best-known songs sport complex arrangements disguised in the form of easy-to-sing-along-to radio hits. Their live itinerary runs at a pace to rival even the hungriest, road-tested jam band, as they've played over 100 shows every year since 1999 without exception — and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

"What band could possibly have all of this on their C.V.? Why, it's Styx, of course."

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