by David Burke

photo by Jason Powell

The audience for Styx is not just those on nostalgia trips, Lawrence Gowan said, especially over the past several years.

“The audience is skewed to where half the people in the crowd on any given night are under 30 years of age,” said Gowan, the band’s keyboard player and co-lead singer since 1999.

“They’ve discovered classic rock and they’ve discovered this band on their own,” Gowan said in a phone interview from his home in Toronto. “They’re not necessarily inundated and saturated with the songs that were the radio staples, but they’ve discovered a track like ‘Man in the Wilderness’ from (the 1977 album) ‘Grand Illusion’ that’s a huge favorite among diehard fans and those who have discovered the band later on.”

The set list for Friday night’s grandstand concert at the Mississippi Valley Fair, Davenport, may include other non-singles such as “I’m OK” and “Pieces of Eight,” both from the 1978 album also called “Pieces of Eight.”

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