About Styxology

Hello Friends,
Here we are at the beginning of the new STYX Year, and though we’ve enjoyed a nice little break from the road, we assure you we are as busy as ever preparing and planning things we think will keep you entertained, informed, and enlightened as the year unfolds.  
It is with great excitement that we introduce STYXOLOGY.  
Mike Mettler, one of the most respected writers of our times, a lifelong musicologist who for years was editor-in-chief of SOUND & VISION Magazine, and is now sporting the very apropos nickname “The SoundBard,” will be bringing his observations to you in this new weekly addition to STYXWORLD.  
I look forward to seeing what he has to say, and what he’s heard from other artists, producers, mixers, engineers, etc., in his ever-growing sphere of trusted friends.
STYX, well, you know us. We’ve never been your average bear. It’s just how we’re wired. We’ve been around long enough to observe you, and it is clear the same is true of you. So stop by and enjoy STYXOLOGY as we continue, ever downstream.
Your fan,
Tommy Shaw