Two iconic ‘70s rock bands transfixed a sold-out crowd of mostly baby-boomers at Goldendale’s Maryhill Winery on August 2. Foreigner and Styx, as part of their Soundtrack of Summer Tour, impressed with musicianship born of years of experience, performing spot-on versions of their significant megahits, now staples of classic rock radio.

While original vocalist Lou Graham has long since left Foreigner as their front man, lead singer Kelly Hansen, who joined the band in 2005, proved more than capable of delivering vinyl-worthy renditions of the classics. The crowd was on their feet with the opening chords of “Double Vision.”

When Hansen addressed the enthusiastic amphitheater crowd with a hardy “Hello, Goldendale!” the crowd responded with puzzled looks, laughs and murmurs. Kidding, he quickly acknowledged the Oregon and Central Washington fans. “I know, no one is from Goldendale here.”

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